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HERE's what they have to say...

MEGHAN | June 2024

Ms. Ashley was phenomenal working with my daughter and her /r/ sounds. She confirmed our thoughts on her sound patterns with a thorough exam and gave a solid recommendation for speech therapy. Our daughter loved the time she spent with Ms. Ashley! They created art, played games, and planted flowers together; all while working on her sounds. I loved receiving photos and updates after each session. I highly recommend Ashley for speech therapy! My daughter misses her already!

CAROLINE | April 2024

Ashley did an amazing job with our 4 year old daughter! She identified her specific speech issues and customized a program for her that she thrived with. Ashley interacted with our daughter in a way that made it fun for her and kept her attention and working hard. We are so happy that Ashley gave our daughter such an incredible head start before starting kindergarten!

DEYSE | October 2023

Ashley is amazing! Very knowledgeable and caring. Our son loves her. She worked with him for 5 months and the progress within that short timeframe was out of this world. He went from being very difficult to understand, which brought him a lot of frustration, to a kid who can tell stories and hold long conversations with others, who now understand everything he says. His confidence increased tenfold in that timeframe, and he is a lot happier. I strongly recommend her services.

WAHEED | May 2023

We started working with Ashley for our son about a year ago, got introduced via our Pre-school. She has a way with kids - our LO absolutely adores her. What we loved about Ashley was her commitment towards her work, if she did not know something, she was willing to go take classes, consult other SLPs and learn more based on what is going on. Our son had a very big vocabulary but needed help placing the words he is learning together in an articulated way, and Ashley helped him with a lot of things apart from language, his confidence started growing and we saw a ton of difference in his communication. We absolutely recommend her to whoever is in need of assistance with Speech.

EMILY | September 2022

We love Ashley! My daughter started seeing her for speech therapy when she about 5 1/2, and made progress right away. It was amazing. After a couple months, we tried to use the free services in the public school system, but my daughter’s progress drastically slowed down. It was super frustrating. We went back to Ashley, and I’m SO glad we did! My daughter is about to “graduate” from speech at the age of 6, and has done so well at such a quick pace. I’m truly grateful for Ashley and her ability to guide children through their speech in such a kind, patient, and fun manner. My daughter is so proud of herself for being done with speech therapy, but is also super sad that she won’t be seeing Ashley anymore. She has truly been a blessing to our family! I would recommend Ashley over and over again for speech therapy services!

AUDRA | September 2022

Ashley is amazing. My daughter loves her, and there has been so much progress with her pronunciation. Friends and family have all noticed the difference Ashley has been making with her, and my daughter has gained so much more confidence and self-assurance with improving her communication skills. I highly suggest and promote Comfort Speech Therapy!

STEPHANIE | May 2022

Ashley is skilled, sophisticated, and confident in her ability to assess and help support parents as well as the children she works with. She holds a holistic and open view of the child and the family and insightfully curates interventions accordingly. Bottom line, Ashley is fun, accessible, caring, knows her stuff and I highly recommend her!

AKIA | March 2022

We worked with Ashley for about 9 months! My son started with her at 2.5 years old and the both of us loved her! At first I was a little hesitant with starting therapy for my son through Zoom, but it did not affect the outcome of it at all. Through Zoom it was more parent taught, which I didn’t mind at all because I learned different techniques that I could use and other family members could use in order to improve my sons speech. There were also times when my son would want to interact with Ashley and she would stop and give him her full attention and use that time to put those techniques into action with him, which helped me visually see how it should be done. Just in the 9 months that we worked with Ashley my son’s speech improved so much and we were able to meet the goals that we had set for him. Even on this day we still use every technique to continue improving his speech.

When it came to scheduling, I want to thank Ashley for being so flexible and understanding! There were times myself or my son were sick or things had popped up and she was able to reschedule me or make it work!

I would highly recommend using speech services through Ashley because her techniques are so simple, but effective, if you are also willing to help out in the effort to helping your child.

JENNIFER | May 2021

We first started working with Ashley when my son was 18 months old. He was producing maybe 2-3 words but more so than the lack of words was the level of frustration he was experiencing because of his inability to communicate. He was hitting, pushing, and screaming and it was obvious his level of frustration was growing. Ashley not only gave us the tools to increase his words, but also encouraged more signs (and my son picked up on these quickly which was a great solution for the short term) and we quickly saw his level of frustration decrease.. This helped him be more receptive to learning new sounds and words, and then eventually start to put 2, then 3, then 4 and more words together for a sentence. She has provided great resources for everything from eating at the table to driving in the car so my son can effectively communicate what he wants/needs. Although we’ve had to do all of our sessions via zoom, Ashley has made a sincere effort to connect with my son and engage with him during every session. Before starting with her, both my son and I were frustrated and I didn’t really know where to start to help him. My son just turned 2 a couple months ago and he is thriving. He’s putting together full sentences and it’s so fun to hear his little voice! We are extremely grateful for everything Ashley has done and continues to do to help Simon succeed!

NIKKI | November 2021

I’ve known Ashley personally for years and I just love and respect her enthusiasm for helping kids! It truly is her passion! She has really helped me with my 2 year old and even after one session I can see a huge improvement by just utilizing the skills Ashley taught me. I love her flexibility to come to our home or do online sessions! It makes it so much easier for me since I have two little ones. I just can’t say more great things about her and Comfort Speech Therapy!

MICHELLE | May 2021

We have felt so blessed to be able to work with Ashley Kurth for our son's speech therapy.  She has been a pleasure to work with and is very knowledgeable in her field.  Ever since our two year old son began having speech therapy with her we have noticed his growth in expressive language so much.  She has given us ideas and resources (like sign language, simplifying our speech, using pictures, etc.) to help us, as parents, better communicate with him and for him to communicate with us in return.  We enjoy her happy demeanor during our sessions and her ability to help us know what an appropriate next step to take is.  She is a joy to be around and we truly would recommend her to anyone who is in need of assistance in speech.


Thank you, Ashley!


CHRISTIE & JOSH | May 2021

We’ve been working with Ashley for about 8 months. When we first started, our two year old son had a small vocabulary and mostly spoke in one-word phrases accompanied with noises and sign language. It was enough for us to understand him, but we wanted to make sure he was getting all the help and encouragement that he needed to thrive. Covid had just started, so we started sessions online. I was wary at first about how anyone would be able to keep our son’s attention on the computer, but Ashley did an amazing job at having different activities to keep him engaged and learning. Our son seemed to pick new words up right away! Not only did Ashley teach him, but she taught us, as parents, what to do and how to support his growth. You can tell that Ashley is very passionate about her work and loves watching kids learn and grow. Our son is now 3 and speaks in 3-4 word sentences, and continues to surprise us with even more. He seems more confident in speaking and his imagination while playing has been so fun to watch as he narrates what his toys are thinking. He always looks forward to sessions with Ashley. In fact, whenever he sees my laptop he says, “Call Ashley? See Ashley?” We highly recommend Ashley! 

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