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Hi! I'm Ashley...

I am a Speech-Language Pathologist certified by American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA) and licensed in the state of Colorado. I earned my Bachelors degree at Auburn University, and my Masters degree in Speech-Language Pathology from California State University San Marcos. 


I have extensive background providing services to families through Early Intervention, as well as early-elementary and school-aged children. I specialize in early language development, articulation and phonological disorders, motor planning, and Autism Spectrum Disorder. I have a background of working as an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapist, as well as a Speech-Language Pathology Assistant. I have experience working in multiple environments including tele-health, public school districts, private practices, and residential settings. 

I am excited to work within a natural environment and establish relationships with my clients. I believe in the importance of collaboration with parents and family members, other service professionals, such as teachers and various school-based therapists, in order to achieve the best possible outcomes for each of my clients.


I adore my career as a Speech-Language Pathologist. During my early years I realized the importance of communication and developed a passion for assisting others on their journey to become independent communicators. I strongly believe in bridging the gaps and guiding individuals to become confident when communicating with friends, family, peers, and members of the community.


Ashley Kurth, MS, CCC-SLP

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