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Please contact Comfort Speech Therapy in order to set up a screening for your child or students!

Q: What is a speech and language screening?

A speech and language screening is when a Speech-Language Pathologist uses a formal assessment and shows your child pictures of common objects, asks age appropriate questions, and makes notes about your child's speech skills. The screening is used to observe your child in the school environment to determine if they demonstrate appropriate understanding and use of language, vocal and nasal quality, and production of speech sounds.

Screenings are completed at daycares, preschools, and private schools.

Screenings are $20. If there is a group of 12 or more children, the cost goes down to $5/child.

Kids in Daycare

Q: Why are speech and language screenings important?

Research continues to show that identifying children with speech and language delays or disorders as early as possible is important because the earlier children receive speech and language intervention, the better their speech and language outcomes will be.

Speech and language skills are used in every part of learning and communicating with other children in school. Within Preschool and Kindergarden your child will be using the following speech and language skills:

  • Communicating with their peers & teachers

  • Following directions & routines

  • Understanding ideas learned in class

  • Practicing beginning reading

  • Using appropriate social skills within the classroom and during play

Q: What will happen at my child's speech and language screening?

  • 1:1 time for 15-20 minutes with the Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP)

  • SLP will use a screening tool designed by Pearson Assessments to evaluate the following areas:

    • speech sounds

    • expressive and receptive language

    • social/interpersonal communication skills

    • stuttering

    • voice

  • ​The SLP will then use the norm-referenced scores to determine if your child passed the screening or if they will recommend a full speech and language evaluation

  • The SLP will contact parent/guardian to discuss results from the screening

Child Playing

Please contact Comfort Speech Therapy in order to set up a screening for your child or students!

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